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TYPE 101
U-bolt for pipe clamping
TYPE 102
U-bolt for square pipe clamping
TYPE 103
U-bolt for square pipe clamping
TYPE 104
U-bolt for octagonal pipe clamping
TYPE 107
Arc seat U-bolt
TYPE 108
Clamp for cross pipes
TYPE 110
Stud bolt
TYPE 111
Single end stud
TYPE 112
TYPE 116
High-strength stud bolt with protective nylon net
TYPE 120
90° bent stud
TYPE 121
TYPE 122
Eyelet bolt
TYPE 123
Foundation bolt or hook for pipes
TYPE 124
Hook bolt
TYPE 125
Eye-bent foundation bolt
TYPE 126
Hook for square pipes
TYPE 128
Crank tie-rod
TYPE 129
TYPE 135
Bent stud
TYPE 141
U-bolt for pipe clamping with bent leg
TYPE 142
U-bolt for square pipe clamping with bent leg
TYPE 145
Eye-bolt with pressed end
TYPE 310
Handle or C shaped wire
TYPE 328
Support for cardan shaft
TYPE 340
Bent stud with tongues
TYPE 605
Tie-rod with welded plate fork
TYPE 607
Tie-rod with welded standardized fork
TYPE 609
Tie-rod with welded plain washer
TYPE 610
Crank tie-rod with welded washer
TYPE 611
Bolt with welded hexagon nut
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